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Hi guys and gals

I am currently making a personal logo, as I am closing my company and is more freelancer now...

My initials is K & B, and that is what I have tried to incorporate in the design....

What do you think?? any ideas??

Thank you...

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There is something really appealing about about the top middle one, something with the colors I suppose.

I also think the concept of the orange and gray ones is pretty nice that could be pushed a little further.


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Have you by any chance explored the horizontally flipped k and the regular b sharing the same ascending stem? Just a thought.

Edit: By the way the grey and orange versions have great potential.


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I really like the concept. Here's some ideas with capitals...

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Thanks for the input guys. I will look further on it, and get back soon...

Thanks again... :-)

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The first ID seems "R" flip vertical not "K B", the others optitions I see K but not see B, ou see B but not K

It's a hard task!

I wait to see your solution!

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Hey Kenneth

I just wanted to say that I like the organic feeling in the logo bottum row to the right. And I like the grey and orange together. Very tight.

Can't wait to see the result

Velkommen til Typophile


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What is the typeface you used in the top left design? It looks great!

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