InDesign CS4?

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Anyone has any insider info on what's new in the upcoming InDesign CS4?

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I'll tell you one thing !!! EYE HATE !!! about InDesign: The ridiculous outline type icon which always seems to be the one on top whenever I want to color text. I mean seriously... how frequently do we use it??? We should be able to store it in the attic in mothballs... like a letter sweater that doesn't fit anymore.


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I second that remark by Charlie — it must have happened a million times to me that I outlined text instead of colouring it. Bwah!

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Actually I think that having to select any kind of buttom to colour text in kind of stupid. Why not have it work simple and direct?
Does people use that so that they don't need to draw colored boxes underneath it when's the case? I never figured that one out.

And not having a pulldown menu that changes units in the main window as freehand did. That is very usefull.


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I agree Charlie. I feel like it takes me three tries to get it right every time. Beyond annoying.

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Can we expect that CS4 or CS5 will finally drop the use of RGB colour space as the default in InDesign? I have never gotten why it's that way to begin with, and it's frustrating since none of the other apps do that (that i know of).

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