Museo on air (RMIT TV ad)

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RMIT University in Melbourne uses Museo for "corporate" communication.
And also in a TV ad.


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Jos, I find it amusing (or perhaps intriguing) that you originally hadn't planned on making a lower case, since I've seen Museo's lower case used so often and so well.

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Thank you Eric. Indeed I planned Museo as an all caps display font, but due to many requests (also on my blog), I decided that it would be better to add more versatility to it. I Must have done something well, because most of the times I myself am surpised by how nice it looks. :-)

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BTW the video looks blurry. With this simple Youtube hack I came across
it does makes a difference. Here's the new *link*.

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Seriously one of my favorites. I find myself wanting to use it for everything.

Congratulations on the success.

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That's a great compliment! Thanks Katherine.

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