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My critique would be that I wish the photography were better/more interesting. It seems to be point and shoot quality. Otherwise, nice blog with lots of interesting architecture. I enjoyed it.


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Great job, rbarker. The layout is clean, open, and inviting. You were wise to use Georgia as your face too (works pretty well onscreen compared to other serif faces). All that said, though, the content is, appropriately enough, king! Very inspiring stuff.

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Contemporary living, is that modernism?
If so, a bit apologetic -- like yes, modernism is still up-to-date, really, even after post-modernism.
Go, modernity!

The content is almost all hard-surfaced, perpendicular and sharp cornered, yet all three typefaces used are at odds with that sentiment, and unrelated to one another:

Cocon: a sans softened by mannerist detail. The most contemporary thing about the site.
Georgia: a Scotch (19th century) design. Surely the other Microsoft default, Verdana, would have been more in sync. (Or the ultimate default, Helvetica/Arial.)
The serif tag-line, an old-style (antiqua) face. OK for Palladio...

If you're going for the classic mid-century, retro-modern vibe, something like the 1960s face Eurostile would capture the tone better:

Why didn't you choose unusual types with plastic qualities and connotations that harmonize with those of your unusual subject matter?

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