1960s Polish Stamps ID please?!

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Hi there, anyone have a clue what typeface the word POLSKA is in on these stamps, or can suggest something similar?

Many thanks,


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Closest thing I know, though slightly more narrow, is MVB Magnesium.

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The "S" in the stamps is quite a better solution than in Magnesium, at least to my taste. The Polska face is a fine beauty! If you find out what it is, I would be happy to know as well. My guess is that it is not available digitally.


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Thanks Stephen, Magnesium works great for now. Not quite right, but gets the point accross for my comps.

Dezcom, if I find out I'll let you know. I would guess its not available digitally either.

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LHF Bell Boy could be used. P isn't right, but it is close.

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At first I thought just widening Optima would be a good substitute, but I also found ITC Kahana for something similar.

- Mike Yanega

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I'm in Poland at the moment and just saw these very stamps in a stamp album in an antique shop in Katowice. I didn't notice any other stamps with the same font, although most of them looked fairly recent and my Polish girlfriend remembers these particular ones being from the 1970s. I'm looking out for old post office signs because I think some of them have the same or a similar font.

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Good hunting, Justin!


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