Another batch of lead to be IDed...

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Here are the candidates. Any ideas?

A6: Europa?

B7-b: Caslon Oldstyle?

C4: ?

BB: ?

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C4 - Skeleton Modern (solotype)

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Skeleton Modern? Where'd you find that?

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What, no other takers?

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David, Skeleton (font listed as C4 above) was my initial guess as well. But since I don't have specimens for lead fonts, the closest one I could compare was "Skeleton Antique", from the book American Wood Type:1828-1900. Please notice the slight changes. It is possible that the font was re-designed as it was converted to lead-type.

Skeleton Antique. By William Page in his 1865 specimens.

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Nil, this is the same Skeleton :^)

Jason — any lc (sample #1)?

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No lowercase for A6, but someone on another forum suggested Franklin Gothic. This extended digital version is pretty darn close, but there's no extended style in my copy of the ATF "Big Red" of 1912.

Suggestion for B7: ATF New Caslon Italic, but the "C" isn't right.

C4 is definitely a "Skeleton," but I can't find the "Modern" variety that David mentioned (only "Skeleton Antique," which isn't quite it).

BB has been identified as Dietz Text (which I've finally finished cleaning and sorting).

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what do you need -- pdf? gif? jpeg? email me if you want.

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Can you let me know where you found the specimen? And, if you don't mind, can you email me a PDF of the full character set and any info you have on the type & designer?

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