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Olympic protest: Illegible and weak, what exactly are you protesting? The Olympics? The Beijing Olympics? "Death" - wow, a five-letter word, well done, shame it is unreadable and once read (having issued a second image to try to make it a bit clearer) it means nothing at all - how about "money", "China", "Tibet"?
It seems you have somehow attached yourself to some flimsy passing bandwagon, without understanding what you are protesting, then produced some weak, and frankly ugly, waste-of-pixels which lacks any wit or intelligent visual argument. May I suggest you have a look at Jonathan Barnbrook and Marcus Leis Allion's Olympics pictogram font Olympukes.
I apologise for this fairly harsh criticism of your creative work, however I find pseudo-protest graphics extremely irritating. By all means protest, protest, protest - share your thoughts and ideas with the world graphically, but please, try to do it with skill, wit and elegance.


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wow! take it easy man. 10x for your comments.
hope to please more your eyes and your brain next time ;)

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