Commercial Macros for FontLab

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I want to find out which commercial macros for FontLab that are available for purchase. Anything that has to do with effective font production.

Is there a list somewhere, or could we perhaps make one right now?


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Check out Tim Ahrens:


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Great tip! The "RMX Add MM weight axis" seems a great tool. I was just looking for something like this.

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Every time I look at those tools I start chomping at the bit to figure out WTF I’m doing so I have a reason to use them.

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It's always the other way ’round James. Tools are there to help you when *you* need them.

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Jos, I don’t disagree with you, but first I need to get my basic fonts to a point that the tools become applicable. Fortunately I’m not that far off!

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if you are looking for tools to use on your own work, another way to go about it would be to ask:

1. what kind of macros do i need to make my work easier/faster/possible?
2. are there free macros which do these things?
3. if not -- who is able to write such macros, and how much would it cost?

you can try to write your own stuff -- do you know robofab? the documentation is very good and contains lots of samples, and people on the mailing list are always willing to help.

- gustavo.

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Check the right column on
Please post here the additions that are listed on that page, and I'll add them.


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Ah, there's The List.

Thanks, did not know it existed.

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Karsten Lücke and Christian Robertson have some FontLab scripts available on their websites.

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Thanks Goran, et al


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