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Hi... new to the boards here. I follow a lot of threads but this is my 1st post.

Ive always found it a bit of challange to design club flyers... it always seems as if the promoter wants to add these massive bios and jam as much information u can possibly image onto a 4x4 hand out. I was wondering if anyone here does these quickturnaround type designs for fun or for clients. Here are 2 flyers ive recently done for a night here in chicago...

june flyer
april flyer

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nice work.
color on bottom piece is sweet, the cmyk "spot" color will print sharper-good choice.
what font is the thgin script. I have seen it but do not recall name/designer.

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Hey there... Im not so keen on the green flyer. Seems to be to "ordinary" and maybe not quite finished. Especially when I see what you are able to do with the bottom flyer - which is REAL NICE... so cool... Keep it up Anthony...

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thnx for the comments guys.... yea the green one i had only a weekend to think out and complete. the bottom one had a lot more thought into it.. about a week or so.

ole .... the script font is called ito regular E. Its a free font you can get here. Designer I think is:

The Funktion typeface is a new release from Fountain called Farao

Cheers :-)

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