women's lifestyle magazine headline and body copy suggestion

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hello all,

this is my first post.

what typeface combinations would you suggest for an upscale women's lifestyle magazine in south florida, who's demographic is 45 to 73 years old?

looking for a few typefaces that would work well together for body copy, subheads, headline and captions.

at the moment we are using didot and futura.

looking for something fresher.

i would truly appreciate any suggestion


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I'd suggest Thesis by lucasfonts. http://www.fontshop.com/search/?q=thesis&x=22&y=12

A beautiful mix of Sans, Serif and Slab Serif fonts. Very Modern and heavy. The majority of Florida's retired folks will enough the courtly thickness of these fonts, especially at a nice and large point size of 12pts or higher.

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the forementioned font is great and really fresh, but you might want to take a look to Bree from TypeTogether, and fonts of that sort, which can be found easily on fontshop.com.

i stand with Asvetic, though, Thesis is a great font for that purpose.

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i really like thesis a lot. I'm going to show my editor and see what he has to say.
thanks again for the suggestions.

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