Bickham Script - does OT have swash caps, alternates, etc.?

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I have the MM version of Bickham Script which includes all the alternate glyphs.

A friend of mine wants to buy Bickham to set up addresses with the swash caps and will buy the OTF version if necessary, but I can't figure out if they are included.

Any additional info is welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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This is everything you get in the OTF version from Adobe:

Here's a PDF that shows all the alternatives.

Now the only way you can use the opentype features like alternatives is with a program that support opentype fonts or has a glyph palette (WORD is not a program that supports OTFs).

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You can also get an overview of all the glyphs contained in the OpenType version at FontShop.

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> Any additional info is welcome.
Their fonts are rich of Arabic swashes, ligature-building Alternates ++
I will upload a file with Arabic swashes+Alternates as soon Reyhan.OTF is finalized. Of course here:

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Thanks for the info - it would figure that Word does not support OTFs.

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An OpenType font will work in Word, but you can't get to the extra glyphs.

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WORD is not a program that supports OTFs

It does. But not every OpenType feature.
The same is true of all applications!
For instance, Photoshop has no glyph palette.
And now, many foundries are putting features in OpenType fonts (e.g. , , ) which are not yet supported in any application, AFAIK.
So this is one area of fine typography where it's important to be knowledgable of which features are in which fonts, and which applications support them.

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OK - so the question is, how does one set envelopes (for which Word is most suited) to match an invitation's Swash caps, short of using InDesign or Quark?

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Maybe, make an image and place it in Word?

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All the alternate glyphs in the fonts are encoded in the PUA area, so you can actually insert those glyphs in Word. You'll just need to hunt them down using Charmap. The spelling won't be preserved, and you might get gibberish if you switch to a font other than Bickham.

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Or use the Character Palette, if you're on a Mac.

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You rock!


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Miguel, is a quiet genius... he only shares his knowledge with a select few. You're one of the lucky ones.

I kid Miguel. Seriously though, you need to spread more of your Adobe cheer around here more often.

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Just to clarify, Bickham Script Pro has a *lot* more goodies than were in the original MM version, even including all the various supplemental fonts.



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