Capsa & Musee, anyone?

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Dino dos Santos is a busy guy. I've been looking at specimens of his Capsa and Musee.

Has anyone used these? If so, how did you like working with them? Any specimens you'd like to share?



Thanks for offering your impressions.


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I am a big fan of Musee. It's a modern Plantin in a way. You can test its OpenType features here.

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Another vote for Musee. You can find the pdf specimen at MyFonts (bottom of the page)

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Thank you for your responses, gentlemen.

I guess my actual question is: have you used Capsa or Musee in creating something? And out of anything you created, can you share a sample? A book page, a magazine article, a logo, a headline, etc.?

I want to get a sense of how these typefaces might be used in the real world, beyond the mouth-watering PDF specimens already available.

Thank you in advance.


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I'm planning on using Capsa for a poetry book project I'm currently working on.

Unfortunately I don't have any typeset examples to show you yet.

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Jelmar, this is an off-topic question, but which program are you using to manage Capsa? Which format are you using?

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Have you already saw the Capsa Type Specimen?


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Jelmar: It would be great if you could share a page or two of your poetry book, whenever you can. I'm just trying to get a sense of real-world usage like yours.

Antonio: Yes, I saw the PDF specimen. But if you see anything out there set in Capsa, do share the link.

Thanks so much in advance.


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Tiffany: I have not yet purchased it. By managing do you mean a font manager or what software I will be using it in? As to formats, I only see an OpenType version for sale, if that's what you meant. :)

Rahim: I will most likely purchase Capsa very soon, so when I have anything typeset I will see if I can show you a couple of pages.

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