Five in one

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Dear typophiles, maybe someone knows which ones these are below? And can tell me their names or availability? I don't even know which script got used in the middle... or which modified sans serif is going over the top, or even the decorative antique serif at the bottom in brackets, let alone the highlighted wedge serif in the middle...

Any ideas would be helpful.

Thanks in advance, B

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The script is Amazone - good luck with the other parts!

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Thank you Viv.

Amazone is a nice script.. excellent skills!

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MOA is Latin Wide with a custom inline. You might also like Matrix Inline

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Thank you Stephen

Two down! Any ideas about the others?

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Horizon for the sans.

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You know you are a real typographer when you see that typeface and think 'horizon' rather than 'star trek'

me, i thought of star trek :-/

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Letraset Chesterfield is the bottom line

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Thank you Stephen, thank you Brett.

I feel releved to know what they are (although yes, the 'Star Trek' association is unfortunate...!)

As far as the beer/bier lettering at the sides goes, I can't figure out if it's a regular compressed sans that has been skewed vertically, or whether it came 'off the shelf' like this (I only know of one typeface that was axonometrically skewed, and can't remember its name).

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I would venture to say that the type was manually skewed.

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