Contemporary Dingbats?

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i'm hoping to get some suggestions from you.

Contemporary Dingbats –
especially loaded with nice signs (as an addition, different weights would be handy) of abstracted mobile phones, phones, email, monitors, websites, small computer devices and all those regular stuff we are surrounded by.
Maybe this helps you (or me, hehe); think of the style genre of Klavika, FF Max, Etelka, Neo Sans/-Tech …

Pure vector "art" suggestions (not typefaces) are welcome too.

Thanks a lot, t.

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Here are some of the dingbats/wingdings range in Agamemnon.

I'm designing them with similar weight and contrast to the text face. The one for "hot beverage" has given me a hard time due to the level of detail. It's hard to get the heavy strokes that I'd like. I'll add more objects if you think it's worthwhile.

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Stefan Hattenbachs Sophisto at PSY/OPS has a lot of modern icons:

Dirk Uhlembrock has a nice icon typeface for building websites:

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I just wanna add to the "style genre" – FF Fago. If this "corporate design" typeface had a large dingbats section …

Thanks so far for your suggestions!

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FF Netto Dingbats are "now-abstract", thanks especially for that suggestion, Stephen … but i wondering that there are no more of that kind, i thought of – a lot. Ok, just wondering.

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I've been fond of Netto's dingbats since I saw them, too. I think additional Netto Icons would sell well as a series.

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