Minion Cyrillic 'u'

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In earlier versions of Minion Cyrillic and Minion Pro, up to and including Font Folio OT, Cyrillic 'u' was distinct from Latin 'y' (slight curve on the tail). However, I have just noticed that in the version of Minion that ships with InDesign CS3, the distinctive Cyrillic sort has gone. One imagines this couldn't have been accidental -- and yet... the current edition of the printed Adobe Type Library Reference Book still illustrates the special Cyrillic variant, as did all previous editions; it is also shown in the downloadable glyph complement pdf. Can anyone cast any light on this?

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George, thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. We were actually not aware of it. The replacement of the Cyrillic ’u’ by the Latin 'y' was unintentional. It might have happened some time ago when support for Vietnamese was added to the family. A bug has been logged and the Cyrillic 'u' (along with the accented versions of it) will be reverted back to the former shape next time the fonts gets revised. Currently there's no estimate of when that will happen. As for the Type Reference Book and the Glyph Complement PDFs, they're certainly using some old version of the fonts.

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Can we have the Cyrillic form as a stylistic variant for the Latin, too? :)

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Thanks for the explanation, Miguel! It's good to know that it will be taken care of in due course.

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