TypeTool 3 versus FOG

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uhm.. hello.. is it not possible to open FOG files with typetool 3?
you got to excuse this old amateur..
best rgds

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I think you have to get FogLamp to do the file conversion.

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Generate FOG as ttf - the open ttf in Typetool,

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Generating a font file from Fontographer and importing it into another editor will work, but you will lose things like guide and template layer data, and any off-grid points may be rounded off to the nearest whole number.

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aargh. ok. i will have to open the wallet one more time for foglamp. don't wanna lose all the stuff since way back. seems a hassle to find an old komputter with fog and generate a font, plus transfer it to my new laptop every time for every font. i am just going to start working on yet another weight to malmo sans... thanks guys

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One little thing here: FogLamp will round off the off-grid points just the same as generating a font file (ttf or ps). The simple fact is FontLab does not support off-grid points (neither do ttf or ps). However, FogLamp does give you the option of increasing the number of units per em in the resulting vfb, so the rounding can be lessened.

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If you're on Windows try this:
VIRTUAL PC 2007 (free from Microsoft) + Win98se + FOG

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