Garamond...the original

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Ok so here's my dilema. I have to write a ten page research paper for my advanced typography class. Mine is on Garamond. The paper is so we will have text to use for a book near the end of the semester. The problem with this paper is that it is due NEXT WEEK. So yea, I have about 3 days worth of research and then I get one day to write it.

I am having trouble finding stuff on Garamond. (Not Adobe Garamond, the font created by Claude Garamond, the French printer.) I spent 2 days in our library at school, which is rather large. I only found at most a small paragraph in any book. They all said the same things.

The topic is not set in stone, so if anyone has a font in mind with a rich history, please share! No Helvetica... :D

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I spent 3 months researching Garamond and I only scratched the tip of the iceberg. You can find my bibliography for my research attached to the beginning of this thread:

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If you spent two days in the library and only managed to find small paragraphs on Garamond you might want to start asking librarians to help with your research. Or start going to better libraries!

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Miss Tiffany: thanks a ton! I will def. check these books out! Well the ones I can find ^-^


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You should get your hands on the specimen book for Garamond Premier Pro. It has some nice articles in it, as I recall.


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Check out the Doyald Young book - Fonts and Logos, there should be some information there.

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