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Working on a logotype for a friend's Christian college ministry. Rather than develop a trendy shield/crest sort of thing as he asked (ugh), I thought a simple logotype would be much better. I'm not particularly well versed in drawing letters from scratch (versions 1 & 2), so please be gentle.

With all of these the idea was to hint at a shepherd's staff with the lowercase f.


Thanks in advance for any/all advice.


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I like #1. Could you possibly make the L a bit taller though? Right now it's looking a bit like an I.

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Crests are definitely in right now. If you want to move away from that, focus on something that more clearly represents the idea of a flock, the staff-like F was completely lost on me. I love your custom text, but the logos look like they're for a trendy restaurant and not a college-aged ministry.

What about creating something based of shepherding imagery that kinda fits the bill of a crest? Like this, only more custom:

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Thanks for the feedback...I tweaked the fl ligature to make the L read more clearly.

I would respectfully disagree with the "trendy restaurant" bit.

I don't think anything remotely crest-like would be a good idea. Crests are so completely played these days, especially for anything geared toward young people. It's even in Target, for crying out loud.

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I really like number one. It's clean and has great character to it.

I wouldn't have gotten the shepherd's crook from the f had you not said anything I don't think, but I'm not sure it's completely necessary to be so blatant about it. I think if it were too apparent it might be distracting. As it is, I can see that you were influenced by the idea of the crook but still kept the idea from taking over.

I think I'd stay away from the circle around the text as it looks quite a bit like the food network logo.

Iterations 3 and 4 remind me too much of the citibank logotype and I don't think they have the right character for this.

One suggestion I might make for number 1 would be to thicken the crossbar of the "f" a bit. Other than that, I think you've got something really great here.


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Aaaah the food network logo. Maybe that's where I'm getting trendy restaurant from.

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Yeah...and that's the one the client is leaning towards. The guy respects my opinion, so I might try to steer him away from that version.

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The top version is really growing on me.

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Love number one, but perhaps it does need another element to connect it to Christian Ministries....

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I disagree about adding another element. Too many times Christian logos and identities become cluttered by people trying to cram all sorts of cross/dove/what have you imagery everywhere. Keep it simple.


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Ya, I think the top version is soild as is.

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I am partial to the the first 2 designs.

I would prefer logo 2 if the "f" bled off the circle as the "k" does.

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> Right now it’s looking a bit like an I.

#1 is very nice...beautiful letters! But your f-l combo does read like an f-i ligature, and the last thing you want people to read is fiock. Traditionally, in an f-l ligature, the f drips right into the l. I guess that takes away your crook, though... What if you just made the f taller to accommodate a fully ascending l?

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I like #1 the best too. Right now it's a good logotype, but I think if you like, you could push it a little further to include a SUBTLE Christian symbol in there.
-The "f" also has a nice built-in cross already that would really pop out if seperated from the ascender and descender.
- maybe it's just a small tongue of fire floating above the "o"

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