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I’m trying to get this font working in Word 2004 on the Mac. Right now the tops of the diacritical marks are getting hacked off. I’ve been trying various possible settings of the vertical metrics and had no luck. And of course it works fine in Indesign and Textedit…

The highest point in the font is 978, the lowest is -300, stuff appears to be getting chopped off at around 945. WinAscent is at 1089 and WinDescent at -411, which seems like plenty of padding. How do I get this working?

And before anyone asks, yes, I’ve read the relevant HowTo and the FLAB manual.

Edit: Fixed the link problem so it doesn’t go to an old post about Hebrew fonts.

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You can't. Because it is a rtl text which is not supported in Word for Mac. I guess Word should get the directionality right before implementing font instructions. Even if you get it work -space wise- it still is not supported in Word for Mac.

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Works for me in "Microsoft Word 2008 pour Mac"

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Word on Mac uses hhea.Ascender and hhea.Descender, not OS/2.WinAscent and OS/2.WinDescent.


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Thanks everybody. Karsten has helped, too, so I can get it all worked out.

As for the Eogonek, I did look at the Polish howto—but it’s still the first time I’ve drawn one, and it’s not like I’ve ever had an opportunity to see one in use. I’ll keep at it.

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Basically, the ogonek in Eogonek should be right-aligned.

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So it’s not the design of the ogonek that’s horrible, it’s just that I placed it poorly?

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Oh, the ogonek, I've been struggling with that for a while, and dont know if this is absolutetly correct, but I would do it something like this for your typeface.

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The original link was taking me to a Hebrew text. Now it is taking me nowhere! I guess the 'rtl' issue was never an issue!

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