serif recommendations for apex new

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i'm looking for help finding a serif mate for apex new from thirstype.

this is going to be used for a corporate identity, so anything with an equally wide range of weights will be useful.


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Not Apex Serif?

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a little too slabby for me. apex new is pretty rugged in its own right, so i'm looking for something that will balance it out. i am really liking gulliver from gerard unger:

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Gulliver …
is available exclusively to organisations and companies whose printing work will do justice to its space-saving capabilities. Minimum licence: 20 workstations.

Available are –
Fresco from Ourtype
Cartier Book from Monotype
or if an Unger face, what about Oranda (there is a cn-version available too)?
And if slabby is allowed, FF Olsen?

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i like fresco, but ouch! i may have to wait for the dollar to pick up some more steam.

thanks for the suggestions.

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Yeah, OurType isn't cheap, but it's useful to look deeper to see what you get with even their basic OpenType fonts. Fresco 2 OT ($210) includes roman and italic with small caps, and both lining and oldstyle figure sets for each. Add Bold and Bold Italic for another $210 or get all five weights for $737.

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Yes, Ourtype is expensive, especially for our american neighbours :)
But with Fresco you get a typeface which is so versatile, a good investment for a lot of projects, not for one or two only.
There are a very few serif faces working gently in such a broadness (Dolly from Underware is another, but that is another topic).

Greetings t.

One more – What about Proforma?

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don't get me wrong, i'm all for paying for quality. i work at a small agency and this is going to be used for our new brand design, so it won't see any client use at all. plus things are a little tight now.

thanks again for all the help. i checked out proforma, i'm worried it's a bit too delicate. we are using the heavier weights of apex, so i need something to keep up with it. dolly is not so bad after looking at it some more...

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How about Slimbach's Kepler or Utopia? Meets your cost problem; you probably already have them!

I still loooove Utopia after all these years

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How did it go? What did you use in the end with Apex New? I'm curious, as I have used Renault by URW with Apex with nice results (using Renault as headings, and Apex as running text.


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ended up going with itc charter as it is almost a perfect match and we had it already.

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