Where to find interesting book design

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I would like to learn more about interesting, contemporary book design. What magazines, web sites or designers would you recommend?

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Hi, Hakan.

There is Fwis's Covers blog...

...also The Book Design Review...

...and Osprey Design's Foreword blog.

Gestalten has a recent book called Fully Booked, and there are others. Try doing a search on Amazon.com, or on Google, using the terms "book design" or "book cover design".

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Go to a library and look at the newest books in a variety of topics and genres. Make notes. And photocopies. Jot down questions. Make evaluations: what you like and don't like. What seems to work and what not. Your own opinions will be a good first guide. Then check out what the "experts" say. You may find they agree with you at times.


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Thanks! I will look into your links (the links at the Forewords blog look promising as well). I've been interested in book design for a long time, but I need to find something new and interesting, without knowing where to look.

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