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I'm making a logo for a Mexican food delivery service that caters to tourists.

I attached some W.I.P's.

She actually already approved the 2nd attachment. However, I didn't try many variations since it was a rushed logo but I decided to make some today.

I definitely like the 'V' more in the 2nd attachment but I like how more of the letters touch the baseline, especially the 'R', in the 1st attachment.

What do you'll think?

-btw, right now I'm leaning towards #2 in attachment 1

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I like the second attatchment best.

If you decide to go with the small "TO GO" I suggest you clean up the forms somewhat as they become somewhat muddled at small sizes.

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I like the second one in the first attachment but I think something needs to be done with the two L's. They seem to leave an awkward white space which doesn't sit well with the other characters.

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Ed Interlock has some good ideas for designs like this...

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