Sans Serif Text face with true italics

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I am looking for a sans serif typeface that has real italics, and a "feeling" similar to Din or Gotham. Basically something that is very readable and allows enough richness in a page that combines regular and italics. It needs not to have a strong presence of itself due to subject. For book on Aids.

Recomendations are most welcome.
Thank you,


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Is there a reason DIN or Gotham doesn't work for you?

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A non-humanist sans, but one with an italic that doesn't follow the "sloped roman" principle.
Figgins Sans.

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Thanks for the answers.

Stephen, Gotham would work, but Din doesn't have, to my taste, true italics, neither true small caps.
I have considered Klavika, and will check on the other suggestions.
Thank you.

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If it was a humanist sans, what would be a good choice?

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There are hundreds. The tall FontFont specimen book is a good place to look.
Your original criteria (at least, as I understood it) was quite purposeful.
Where does Figgins fall short for you?

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Nick. Figgins does not fall short at all. It actually exceeds my needs. A beautiful font, but for this particular project, i think the italic feels too texturized, rhythmic. What turns me out of it it is that it feels to masculine for this project, on the regular style, and too playful on the italic characters. I think i need something more contained, specially to fit the taste of my two clients and subject.
All this comment are made with my deepest respect. Hope you find the too.

I am in the tries in between Gotham and Whitney. I am not thrilled by Gotham's italics for this job, preferring Whitney's.

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That is a nice typeface Mark. I particularly like the condensed light italic. Good stuff.

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Thanks for the feedback Giovanni.

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Thanks, Graham.

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Thank you Nick both for suggestion and follow-ups.

Mark, great suggestion. Will consider with detail, as for what I see now, it is a very close match, and great font.

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Conduit, which was already mentioned, and Aaux come to mind as DIN lookalikes with italics.

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