InD CS3 Glyph Palette Issue

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Alright, InDy is my b***h, but I can't crack this one: the resize icons and other features are missing from the bottom of the Glyph palette. It disappeared about a week ago, and I can't get it back. I've tried opening from the "Type" menu, from the "Window" menu; had it in the palette dock, ripped it out. Checked out the fly-out menu on the glyph palette. Nothting. App and OS restarts aplenty, too.

I never considered it to be too important, but I really miss this feature! Any ideas?

ID CS3 on Mac OS X.4.11 (Intel).

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Just to rule this out, have you tried trashing your preferences?

link (Save your workspace, print presets and whatnot beforehand.)

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Thanks, but no cigar. : )

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Ha! I accidentally clicked the show/hide button (the up-and-down arrows to the immediate left of the word "Glyph" on the tab). They don't normally hide the stuff at the bottom (nor are they supposed to), but my inadvertent click revealed it. Sweet!

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