Anyone recommend a monospace font?

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Hello I am currently designing a book for an illustrator and he is obsessed with modernist fonts and monospace fonts. I have not much exp with monospace fonts.

Can anyone recommend a good font in this area?

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what about t-star mono round by Mika Mischler ?

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Monospasz, by Jan Gerner (Yanone).
Vafle (Mono), by Tomas Brousil (Suitcase).
Fantabular / Fantabular Sans, by Akemi Aoki (MVB).
Pragmata, by Fabrizio Schiavi.
Courier Sans, by Practise (Lineto > More mono).


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Consolas, by Luc(as) de Groot

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Er, Nick, isn't that monoCASE, not monoSPACE?

(Or is it both?)

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Unicase + Monowidth

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I'm not sure how you're planning on using the monospace, but TheSans Mono and TheMix Mono are great for display and running text.

I also love Dav's suggestion of Fontabular. What a fun italic!


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