Type in Illustrator CS3- how to stretch it

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Hi, I am new to CS3 illustrator. In my old mac/old illustrator, I used to be able to put a box around it to nudge it around and stretch it a bit if needed. I cannot figure out how to do this. Thanks for your help, (I need step by step. Its amazing what you can forget in 2 years).

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by the way, I'm not a type stretcher! (I hate that..) but need to nudge it once in a while. Today, I wish I never gave away my old computer set up and programs on craiglist... A manual did not come with CS3.

Any help appreciated.

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you may just be using the wrong tool. If you select the type using the select tool (its the tool that looks like the black arrow, the shortcut is V) it should bring up a box with transform handles which you can click and drag as needed.

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Oops, i didn't mean to post twice ^^;

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Hi, No, I tried that. It just selects it for moving. It does not put the box with little handles on it....

Anybody know how to do this on Illustrator CS3?

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i don't have cs3, but you should look for

View > Show Bounding Box

or search Help for Bounding Box

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Beware the ugly effect of over-streched type though!

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Thanks for comments. this forum is saving my sanity. I found what I needed.
It is the "Free Transform" Tool under the scaling tool on palette. It gives me that box I need.

I agree with stretching. I have always maximally hated it, it looks totally amateur. It's so offensive to me it makes my lower digits cringe. I understand about lettering and type, and it is a high aesthetic indeed, thats why I'm excited to find this forum! Type people like me!

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