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I've got a typeface I'm working with that was designed at 100 em units. For Flash to render it properly as dynamic text, I've been told that the typeface needs to change to 125 em units. I own FontLab 4.6, but cannot figure out from the manual how to do this. I would rather not have to redraw the typeface, do any of you have any suggestions for me? I appreciate it.


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Open the Font Info window. Go to the 'Metric and Dimensions' panel. Change the UPM to 125 and select the 'Scale all glyphs according to UPM change' option.

Note that changing the UPM will destroy TrueType hints. Also note that scaling from 100 to 125 will produce rounding errors.

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Thanks for the comment. That was the first thing I tried - when I opened the typeface in FontLab, it had a UPM of 1000, so I changed it to 1250 with the scale option enabled. It didn't work out. Maybe if I scale it from 1000 down to 100 then up to 125?

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