Black Boots - Super bold slab with hand drawn look.

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This is something I've played with off and on all year in my sketchbook. I didn't think this would actually work as a font because it was drawn in an outline and overlapping the letters was impossible in font format, but then I discovered that if I removed the outline the letters could be pushed together and a background layered behind it. It's fun playing with colors. It may all be too much? The counters too thin?


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Very nice addition to the soft fonts list. It has needed a slab and now it has that. So you say it will have different layers? I really like the idea of that as well. Seems to have a nice combination of urban graffiti style and an old sign painter at the same time.

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I like it. Lot of applications, and there's a definite appeal about it.

You might round the bottom of the tail on the Q, though...or make it end like the tail of the p. Just something odd about it being so sharp.


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Cool... keep going!


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The tiny counters place a limit on how small this font will render successfully. Look at Ray's Tank. When he made that one he decided to make a sister version with slightly larger counters for small sizes.

It works with the outline treatments but in plain guise it suffers from a clagged appearance. Rather than making two versions with different counter sizes, I would make just one version that scales better down to small sizes.

The lower w is letting the side down, sorely in need of integration. Square up the vertices like the v. I love the oddball g and think you should exaggerate it even more. Make a quartet of alternate oddball g's just like that one only four variations.

Q tail fits in just fine. t is interesting but have another go at it. I sort of want to like it, but I can't ;^)

Keep it on the stove. Adorn it with squirrels. Kidding.

Make an inline version! Yeah, make an inline. Think of the Starlet potential. Textured fonts sell; if enuff of us make inline fonts they will be the next big thing on the Mefonts Starlets chart. I think they should remoniker the reborn Myfonts site Mefonts.

In several ways it's like some of the A & S Sign font artbrush jobs, the hand-painted romans. Look at Bone Casual, Pen & Ink Roman, Porkchop bold.

And it's a bit House.

j a m e s

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I think the Q is working as well.

I think the t works too, but would be good to include a version without that thin internal line.

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Tiffany, Thanks, yes there will be layers, mostly for the back outline. Possibly even highlights.

JT, Thanks, I agree something needs to be done to the Q

Michael, Thanks!

James, I think you've convinced me to increase the counter space. The w has been changed, I agree. The t is fussy, everything else I tried seemed out of place, I'll give it another go. A bit House? If you mean finely crafted then I agree, hehe.

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Really liking the way the y and t kind of pop. I am also seconding some more g variations! Nice work.

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@Jess: A bit House? If you mean finely crafted then I agree, hehe.

It is well crafted, no doubt about that. By House I meant style-wize, it reminds me of House Industries fonts.

: ^ )

j a m e s

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Loving it Jess.. Long time no see, btw!!!

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Hi Martin! : ) Where did your site go? I was looking over the links at fontlover awhile back and noticed that it wasn't there. Does it have a new url?

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