Serif to pair with Trade Gothic

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Does anyone have some suggestions for a contemporary serif(s) to pair with Trade Gothic?

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I got a few good suggestions in this topic;

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I once did this for a book (TG was the corporate font of the organisation):

- Headlines set in TG Bold No2, same optical size as reading text (need to adjust the sizes!).
- marginals, pagina, ... set in Trade Gothic Regular
- reading text set in Kepler Pro, I think it was SemiCondensed (to fit width) and Caption optical weight (to get it "darker"). But Kepler is very flexible, so you can fine tune quite well to your needs.

It turned out quite beautiful in print, I would do this again.

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Have a look at Enigma, mentioned in this post yesterday.

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contemporary serif

That would be 1948. So Caledonia, Dante, Electra and Fairfield would be suitable pairings.
Of these, probably the "Scotch" Caledonia is best, as both it and Trade Gothic are revivals of 19th century genres.
Speaking of Scotch...

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1948? So much for 'contemporary'. Or is it just an overused – or misused – classification?

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Linotype Sabon and Monotype Garamond both go well with Trade Gothic; try them. Both are wider and slightly lower-slung than other Garamonds, like Adobe, which is why they would work better for you. Clean, not funky, almost transparent in effect--that's what you want, because that's Trade Gothic's personality.

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Skopex Serif.

The Skopex Gothic already has a similar feeling of Trade Gothic, but with a more modern edge.

You could also replace Trade Gothic and go with the entire Skopex system.

Mikey :-)

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Track_font pair

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