SmallCap Numbers ?

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What numbers should be included in a font that contains SmallCaps ?

I'm working on a font that contains Oldstyle tabular, proportinal figures and Lining tabular, proportinal figures, what numbers should be included with the SmallCaps glyphs.

Should there be SmallCap Oldstyle tabular, proportinal and SmallCap Lining tabular, proportinal figures ?

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IMO, "smcp" should not change figures from the U&lc text default, because small caps will most often be used in concert with U&lc.

However, for "c2sc", which is activated as part of "all small caps", then small-cap-height lining figures are appropriate. It's extremely unlikely that such a style would be used in a tabular-figure setting, so only one set of figures, proprotional and kerned (really only between 7 and 4) is necessary.

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