CPMA and FM in a 'bottle'

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DTL CompareMaster 1.3.0.

A new version (1.3) of DTL CompareMaster for Mac OS X and Windows is available for (free) download via the following links:

Mac OS X: http://www.fontmaster.nl/Downloads/CPMA/Version_130/Mac/DTL%20CompareMas...
Windows: http://www.fontmaster.nl/Downloads/CPMA/Version_130/Windows/DTL%20Compar...

Currently DTL CompareMaster compares PostScript Type1 fonts; OpenType CFF support is planned for version 1.4.


FM in a 'bottle'

For some time now internally at DTL the Windows versions of FM also run in CrossOver 'Wine botlles' under X11 (support is built-in in CrossOver) and Linux (the latter mostly for testing). It is a very stable and reliable environment and surprisingly fast. Free CrossOver trial versions (or the inexpensive Standard versions) can be obtained from the CodeWeavers web site.

More information on this and on how to install FM Light in a 'bottle' can be found in the 'FM_Bottle_Kit' on the following download page:

A FM update will follow shortly.

Frank E. Blokland

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