A Stencil typeface for you to rip into.

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Reknub = Bunker but backwards... until I find a new name for it. First typeface design while I collaborate with Wundes Foundry
... I thought a stencil would be easy... ha!

Anyway, there are weight issues right off the bat, but besides that... am I breaking any rules? Am I defacing a character?

Daniel McGlaughlin

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Hey dude!

I like what you've done with it, it's a real unique take on the stencil style.

The main gripe I would have with this is that some characters display a lack of consistency with the overall style of the typeface. The characters that stand out to me in this manner are the 'E', 'K' and '6'.

Individually, their designs stand up well and are quite interesting (with the possible exception of the '6'), but as a member of the whole typeface I think they stick out. The 'E' because we don't really see those curves anywhere else in the typeface, the 'k' for the large arc of the tail that doesn't seem to sync up with all of the diagonals in the last five letters, and the '6' because its level of readability is not on par with the rest of the characters, and we don't see any triangular counters anywhere else.

If I'm being hypercritical - one thing I notice is that the last line of letters (V, W, X, Y, Z) is quite diagonal-heavy, much more so than the rest of the characters. They seem to be a lot broader in terms of their size. How well do they work when used in words?

Sorry to ramble, but I like what you've got going on here... I think it just needs a little refinement!

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Thank you, friend. I'll continue to refine. Hopefully I'll be able to learn more about this craft with this community of valued communicators. Thanks 29a!

I see what you mean with the last VWXYZ charcters. I believe I can get them integrated further into the style established by thinking further into the negative space. Yeah, the E and the K have been stumbling block because the is so simple (the solution is too obvious), and the K is probably one of the more complex character in my humble opinion. Look for an update as soon!


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hi.. too much techno for my taste... some of the solutions seem strange, try to cut it out yourself from paper and see how it feels. martin

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This is really interesting. I like the techno feel! :)
I love the E...and would bring in some curves into other letters (F, M?) rather than change the design.
I agree about the 6...it needs a different solution. The others that look odd to me are the 9 and the K.
The V and Z could be narrowed, the Y's left arm brought down, and yes, the horizontals need thinning a bit...like on the A, E, G, S and others...try thinning out the curves on the B and E where they meet.
I like the idea of the W but wonder if it could be made asymmetric?
Keep going! :)

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I'm starting this up again. :) Look for updates soon!
best regards,

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