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How do you stylize the in this website to be a font that is not web friendly but still HTML text. What are the pros and cons.


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Download http://dev.novemberborn.net/sifr3/nightlies/

Requires Flash but has fallback to regular text.

Should this be in a FAQ?

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Hi Lizy,

The text is set using siFR, which utilizes a combination of JavaScript, CSS and Flash to render fonts on screen without the need to have the fonts installed on ones system.

You can use any (properly licensed,although I am unsure whether or not most EULA's even allow this kind of thing) font.
It is easy as pie.
You can get crazy with typography on the web without using graphics.

It uses Flash, therefore Flash must be installed on a browser to view it.
It doesn't support kerning or OT features
Also doesn't support most characters outside of a standard character set.

Grot - putting this in the FAQ is a good idea. I'll work on getting it there soon.

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Hey Zara, I’ve been meaning to ask this for a long time. Since my name has an accented character, I’ve never seen it on my profile. However sIFR supports characters outside the standard set, you just have embed the characters in the text field in Flash. So could you embed é in the future? ;^)

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ahhhh, Grot - you just shined a light on siFR :) I didn't realize I could manipulate the embedding, but then again I never use Flash. Looking into it now, and hopefully will get that fixed! Thanks :)

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