Please comment my new font

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Hi everyone. I'm working on this serifed font. I am still not sure if I'm going a make a text family from this, but the idea is to make a typographic companion for my previous font Orbe

I would love to have your opinion on this. thanks in advanced.

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That's quite lovely. I love the ampersand, and the alternate v, w, and y.

To me, the only character that looks a little odd is the 3. It seems unbalanced without the ball serif on the top.

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This is a really nice one!. Just a few things that "pop out" from the overall good flow and rhythm of this typeface.

I agree on the comment made for the number 3. The ampersand is great but more as a alternate rather that a regular ampersand to me. The Euro sign could also have thin "ball serifs" like the other currency signs. The upper case R is also to "alternate" for me.
Apart form that I like what I see. Gives me a sort of a "funky Bodoni" feeling. Good luck with the finalisation of your typeface.

PS. The posters for TypeCon 2008, that Peter Bruhn made with your typeface on the front page made a success!

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yes, I agree the 3 is unbalanced and maybe the 2 as well. I have to fix these.
About the exuberances still present here, like the upper case R, I still have to make more "quiet" glyphs and have letters like the "R", "g" and Ampersand as alternatives. I'll show more soon.

Stefan, Peter's poster was also very nice.

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Very nice! I agree that tamer versions of R, g, &, etc, might make it more useful. Where's 9? Old-style numerals would also be a nice addition, and you could make them a bit more eccentric. The contrast is fantastic.

Oh, also, is Πsupposed to be shorter?

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