Need help with 70s blackletter font!

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Does anyone know what this is? The images are scans from old 70s records..


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Probably hand drawn, but one font to check out is Blaktur by House Industries.


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Thanks that's close.. but I want the uppercase letters! :D

I believe it's a typeface because these two are from totally different LPs and labels.. but I'm not sure if it exists as a computer font.

Maybe someone know the type foundry that did this font? or can help me out to start my research? Any other good font forums out there? Any sites or books on 70s typefaces? Any persons I can contact?

Anyone seen this font being used other places?

Thanks again..


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If either of those are fonts - and I would agree that they are surely hand drawn - then they would be found amongst the freebies (try I see nothing to suggest that both use the same "font". They only have the pointed tops/bottoms in common and that is simply a style -- ala Fette Fraktur, Bradley, Becker and others.

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