Darden Studio and Pampa Type updates

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Hi guys et gals:

Josh Darden has finally updated his new studio website and that means for you and me lots of goodies:


The free font Birra Stout (Birra is eyetalian for beer) is super chunky and cute, tho I’m pretty Nick Curtis would roll his eyes—it’s more his thing :oP

Freight is now in OpenType Std form for only slightly more, tho I’m not sure of all those nifty features are integrated and contextual :

The Untitled face that won a TDC award in 2007 has been released as Jubilat. Its available in OpenType Pro too:

There are other gems all over his page:

This italic seems like an extension Corundum, but notice the gothic with the funky number eight... I need that!

Read the blog. There are plenty of previews of coming attractions. Corundum News and a commissioned face for Mucca’s rebranding of Canton Liqueur. There are some interesting designs in the tshirts section:


There is an in-house branding technical sans that I really like. Argent? Notice the capital R:

I spied that in the Birra PDF specimen.

I am truly impressed Mr. Darden versatility as a type designer... the next Matthew Carter?


But lets no forget our friend halfway around the world—PampaType released Garrone:

It seems to take the best qualities of Rayuela Chocolate and Alrt and transform them into something exciting and expressive, yet still entirely suitable for serious book/text work and related to his other productions. Yummy!

Enjoy and happy font shopping... next payday I promise!!!!!

Mike Diaz :-)

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Thanks for the alert, MIke. Darden's new site and fonts are stellar. His background and influences are pretty clear and he executes his own take in fine fashion.

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Darden's site is really beautiful. Thanks for the notice, Mike.


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You guys are truly welcome :-)

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Love. Love. Love.

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