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I have been asked by a client to design a brochure advertising the sale of a luxury "boutique" island hotel. The hotel is described as being in the "plantation" style

I know that in the end the choice of typeface is a very personal decision, but having read many of the articles here recently I would be very interested to hear your thoughts, perspectives and recommendations.

The brochure is aimed at a select group of extremely wealthy private and corporate investors. Potential purchasers would be buying the hotel as a trophy asset.

Communicating the textual information of this brochure clearly, efficiently and legibly is of primary importance. However, there are some beautiful images of the hotel that will also be included.
The ratio of text to images will be about 60/40. The general feel of the brochure will be very clean with plenty of white space.

The brochure will be printed on a white matt coated stock.

Given the different kinds of text and tables/diagrams in the brochure I will need a serif and a sans with small caps, lining and OSFs. I dont mind if these are a "matching" pair (eg scala serif/sans) or two different faces that compliment each other.

2 versions of the brochure will be printed, one in english, one in French so it is important that the type works well with all the accents etc in the french version.

I have spent so much time reading the articles here recently that I have slightly overloaded myself with all the potential options available. I am now a bit confused!

First and foremost this is a corporate financial communication. However I feel a little of elegance, style and sophistication of both the hotel and it's clientele should come through in the typography. I am wary though that it would be all too easy to overdo this.

In the past the hotel has used various serifed type for it's logo and communications varying from Times (yuk) to Garamond (good but a bit dull) to ITC Novarese (excllent (IMO) for advertising the hotel to guests but maybe a bit much for this).

I have been given a pretty free reign with the type so I would like to use something that is not too common.

I would like a sans that works well as a text face - not just headings.

I think that's everything - Fire away!

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Neutraface by House Industries is elegant. Almost anything from Terminal Design and check out Storm Type.

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