Hand Painted with feeling

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this probably isn't a font already, but if anybody can point me toward the right direction, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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Just use a marker and have at it. Is there a reason you would need a font like that as opposed to just handlettering it?

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yes actually. it's for an amusement park's signage

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Seems like a rather bad type style for wayfinding signage. But, as stated, grab a marker then start scanning it in...

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Hey Nathaniel

Go take a look at Tour de Ink and then think about have a California lettering artist do what needs to be done.

There is John Burns, Georgia Deaver, Carl Crossgrove, Carl Rohrs, Sherry Bringham, Lisa Englebrecht (sp), Charle Borges (WA), etc! Go to www.cynscribe.com and search California calligraphers.

I have always maintained that the time wasted by art directors going through catalogues or the internet they could have had somebody letter it for the same price that you billed for time spent searching.


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again, the purposes of the project forbid such an expenditure. while you're absolutely right about getting an artist to do it up front, the issue comes from it being a Chinese amusement park based around pirates. problems would be less if i could get away with simply markering it. but i'm not in china and they want a font to pick out so they can simply print up signs when the time comes.

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Jill Bell's Hollyweird? Or Thicket, perhaps? You can get a closer match like Triballaka, but the already poor readability gets even worse.

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You might find something with the feeling you want among the Strange, Distressed script styles in Part 14 of the Script Font ID Guide.

- Mike Yanega

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