Coding problems in Fontographer

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I've been working with Fontographer on and off for the last six years - first on PC and now on Mac. The handwriting font I've been working on recently needs to be output in both Mac and PC ttf versions. I've managed a good output for the Mac, but the hyphen (and occasionally other characters) won't code, leaving nasty holes in text or Times substitutions in the PC version. I have managed to avoid kerning pairs by careful design and spacing - and I haven't left any duff vectors crossing over.

Heeeeelp! What am I doing wrong?

Any serious suggestions gratefully received.

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I had a funky experience with opentype the other day (not entirely relevant, but maybe!) where I was trying to insert a apostrophe into a well known brands typeface, everything in the tables was jiggy, but in applications, no apostrophe!

Turns out the problem was (quite obvious really) that the cells for single quote, apostrophe, quote mark all require an entry for the application to use the correct glyph according to context. So my apostrophe required entries at 2018, 2019 & 0027.
Maybe a similar problem to yours. Maybe.


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That's kind of familiar - I had the same initial problem with apostrophes. My problem is that on generating the font, the cell for the hyphen is not generating at all so that the system (be it mac of pc) substitutes a times character (in Word) or simply leaves a gap (in Adobe apps). Does this ring any bells?

Thanks for the suggestions

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Have you generated the font prior to this use? If so, did you get rid of everything before you generated it this time?

And of course you checked the path direction!


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I always check the path direction! I know it's a common problem - that and failing to simplify and balance handles etc etc...
I've actually stripped everything out twice and copied individual characters into a new font to avoid these problems - the Mac font is now fine - works in all apps, it's just the PC font that is being a pain in the proverbial!

Thanks for that suggestion - it's always worth checking.

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I just re-read the last suggestion - and yes, I always delete the font in its entirety prior to installing a subsequent version - I fell foul of that basic error a long time ago!

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oh no, nightmare. Anything PC is always a mother!

I'm fresh out, next up!
One thing that might be worth checking, in word, or whichever app, the glyph maybe missing on screen - but what happens at print?

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Thanks for trying - much appreciated. If I work out a fix, I'll post it for reference.

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