looking for a spanish flavoured typeface for a bible

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I'm drawing a complete blank here. I need a typeface which is suitable for bible use, with a historical spanish flavour. Preferably an OpenType font, with historical glyphs like long s etc. Swashes would be nice to have. It should work well in 8 - 9.5 pt sizes in a 51mm column, but it doesn't have to be ultra-compact. I'm trying out Arno Pro, it looks very pretty, but feels a bit, well, italian . . .

- Andreas Krautwald

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Well, there's only one typeface that immediately comes to mind: Rongel. But there are no long s's or swashes, and it's not OpenType. There are swashes and OpenType stylings in the similar Galliard, but no long s and maybe the problem of a Gallic feel.

Some other Spanish type suggestions in this thread.

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I think DSTYPE released something Spanish or Portugese looking with swashes not so long ago.
Might be worth looking there.


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I think Galliard has too low x-height to be of use. Rongel is interesting.

– Andreas Krautwald

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Ronger is not interesting. Rongel is a great, wonderful, typeface!

You can also check:

Quixote (http://www.textaxis.com)
Pradell (http://www.andreubalius.com/andreubalius/type01_pradell.html)
Merlo (http://www.felicianotypefoundry.com/main/?page_id=13)

and my own Capsa (http://www.dstype.com/capsa.html)

- Dino

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This is a job for Mendoza.

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I think Stephen is right, but here goes:

How about Columbus?

According to Monotype:
"The Columbus font family was designed to celebrate the quincentenary of the voyage from Spanish shores by Christopher Columbus. The roman is based on types used in Spain by Jorge Coci circa 1513, probably originating from Italy and traveling via France. Columbus Italic is derived from a font cut by Robert Granjon circa 1543 and used by Bartolom de Najra in 1548 to print a famous manual by the writing master Juan de Yciar."

It's available in a Pro version now, see here., and you can get a single user, non-pro, no extras version from Ascender for 17.99—perfect to give it a try.

It's fairly strudy, so I think it would work. I don't know about the long s, though, and I don't think there are swashes.

And then there's Dwiggin's idea of Spanish, Eldorado: the Font Bureau version has a "micro" and display cuts, but again, I doubt there are any long s's. And, unless Font Bureau isn't saying, no OpenType version, pro or otherwise.

If swashes, the long s, and OpenType pro are more important than Spanish, Garamond Premier is awfully nice.

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I think Stephen nailed it with Mendoza. It's Spanish and has the characteristics for clarity at small sizes. And it is masterful on top of it.

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