Type on an arc?

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I'm doing a logo re-design for a client, and they've specifically requested the company name in a circle.

Has anyone found a way to decently arc text? I've used the "Type on a path" tool in Illustrator, but the text always looks off to me - either the letterforms start blending together, or the kerning is a nightmare.

Here's another company's example of what I'm trying to do (not mine): http://www.yellowcabchicago.com/images/logo.gif

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I know that Leslie Cabarga's Logo, Font, and Lettering Bible details this (and other similar techniques) explicitly (without using Type on a Path), though I don't know how much detail he goes into on kerning it properly.

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Read your Visual Quickstart for Illustrator book (Peachpit Press) This is an easy and standard skill in Illustrator once you start to understand it. We used to use a program called Adobe Type Align but all of that was folded into Illustrator as was Adobe Streamline ( the tracing program). TypeStyler is another program that does this but has been in a holding pattern for a number of years.

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Thanks, auricfuzz and bojev.

I've used this technique before, but it's not a favourite - it might just be my eyes, but it never looks right to me.

I remember using Streamline many years ago. I also remember the copy I had always wanted to crash, usually during a save.

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