Font ID please

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I have convinced myself it might be a customization...
Any suggestions to an alternative would be appreciated

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Lineto's Superstudio

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Hi Asvetic,
I actually went there first too, is a close alternative, Typ1451 is even closer in regards to the A and a little wider...
What I like about the unknown spec is the mix of rounded and right angles. I have looked through a bunch of rounded samples, and could not find any mixed versions like this...
any more help would be appreciated



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Did you look at Gotham Rounded? Squoosh it a little and it seems close to me.

- Mike Yanega

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many thanks

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Gotham Rounded is a beauty, but has all round corners...
All 'rounded' fonts I have found so far have all rounded corners. I have checked AG book rounded, Arial, Bryant, VAG, Superstudio, TYP1451... They are all nice, maybe now I am being difficult
but it has made me realise how unique this spec really might be, the mix of rounded and right angles is really modern and not as soft as normal rounded versions...

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Kuga, do you have any more examples of this typeface in use? And where is this sample from?

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