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Hi fellows. I just relocated all my stuff to the beautiful town of Ålesund on Norway's west coast. To speed up the networking process (finding an apartment here can be quite a hazzle) I created a Facebook profile.

It seems quite a few of you have joined the typophile group over there, but without the nicknames I'm having a hard time locating friends and foes. Anyone care to share their real names?

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I just joined up with the group on Facebook.
Jason Pagura is my name.

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Thanks. I've got you, and a few others, covered.

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I am there! And I will also be in your neck of the woods soon, in Bergen :)

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My real name is Yves Peters, and I'm bald, and condensed. ;)

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Yves, I've often wondered, are you genuinely condensed or just stretched vertically?

I am undoubtedly circumferentially expanded.


PS best of luck with your new work/life balance.

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I'm there as Tiffany Wardle. :^)

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Ha, I didn't even realize that there was a Typophile Facebook group.

Well, I'm signed up now. Matthew Stephen Stuckwisch.

«El futuro es una línea tan fina que apenas nos damos cuenta de pintarla nosotros mismos». (La Luz Oscura, por Javier Guerrero)

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Russell McGorman


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A link might help:

Just joined. Name there is Patrick King. Name everywhere is that.


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I'm there too. - SN RAJPUROHIT.

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my name is, er, um, uh... well it's not hard to figger out.

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I forgot this thread! My name is Frode >Variable< Helland.

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And I've joined again. I'm Sharon Van Lieu.

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I've joined and my name is Andy Martin

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surprisingly enough i'm Simon Robertson...

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i'm Ch on here, Chris Harvey on Facebook.

there are dozens of Chris Harveys there and i'm friending as many as i can.

you'll recognize me as
1) a member of the Typophile group and
2) i almost never use a picture of my face.

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hi i'm sarma nemani

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i am a member of the typophile group and loking for typographers

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Patricia Fabricant.

You can often get Typophiles' real names by going to their profile pages. Most (but not all) have their full names there.

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Now... I had to go to your profile just to find your real name. I see there are several Frode Hellands on Facebook (seems a common name in Norway) and I don't know which one is you. So you will have to find me.

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hey all, more people have joined facebook, too many to list... yeah...

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surprisingly enough as well. I'm Paul Stonier.

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Haha..This thread is very amusing. Anyways..I didn't know there was a group either. But I've joined up. My full name is Mark Yehan De Winne.

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you can also follow typophile on twitter:

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i'm on twitter too: http://twitter.com/armorath

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