!Need to know what this font is! its bugging me!

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Just wondering if anybody can ID this font.

want use something similar but just don't know where to start.

(the one that starts: Join Ocean...)

Thanks heaps.

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This is custom font name of Creampuff.

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It's hard to tell exactly what typeface it is because your sample is so tiny, but it looks like something similar to Cooper Black Italic.

If your looking for beautiful black italic type, I'd look at H&FJ's Proteus Project


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You could look at Eclat as well.

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Thanks guys - yes a small sample but thats all i have.

immm, creampuff maybe.

thats funny as i used that font on a logo i did for hyundai a few years back see above...

just looking for like a rounded hybrid serif that is a little fun i guess.

cooper black italic is cool but a little heavy perhaps.

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I find always Curlz MT is very extravagant butnot heavy like Cooper.

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