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First post here...It's kind of hard to explain it well in English, but i'll try. A design incubator is an entreprise that gives favorable enviroment for a designer development and success.

The used concepts were gestation, growth and development. I created a simbol of someone protecting a smaller one, I guess you guys can see it. Duplicate, scale it and rotate to get the growth idea.

I Created the logo font by myself...


putting it all together


So, What you guys think?

Julio Vasconcelos

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I think the logo shape is superb.
But the "indea" needs work, and I would avoid Officina.


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Hola Julio

i agree with Hrant that officina don't work with your logo. They rather fight against. Why don't you design some more leters in the way of your logo-letters? I am sure you are having in your mind to go on with your letterforms and create a complete font anyway.

When i saw the nice symbol you created i thought that by condensing the upper dot a little you could have an compact exclamation mark which is suitable to the case (ideas in a protective nest).
But tell me about the company. A long time ago I watched on tv a documentary about Barcelona and there was a German guy who created such a company. Is it the same you are working for? I am curious. It is funny because i was impressed by the idea and it's the only thing i remember from the documentary. It will be a nice coincidence to be the same company.

Buenos dias, christos

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I agree with Christos. do the rest of the letters. They are very nice. If you do not have the time and/or budget try something else. Officina is OK in my opinion, but you can do better.
In the future, working in layers with a text font / weight you intend to use underneath new letters can make it easier to get matching fonts. I am not suggesting de-construction of existing paths but general characteristics

btw. your type design remind me of Darren Scott's Hydrate, although yours is more legible. Here is a link to Darren Scott's work for those interested.*&qa=font,Darren_Scott

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Ole, it's quite similar, but mine is more straight... but that One is really good, and it's finished!

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Can't I delete it all???

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Actually, I am working in other characters... but I think for the text would be more interesting a light version... I'll post the characters of the Indea.

So, Christos... it's kindda hard to explain it... The Indea provides a financial aid and work structure(an office). also working as a design bureau it indicates some customers for graphic and product design.
It's a quite good oportunity... specially for who is starting now, but for Brasilians and to be placed in Campina Grande, in Para

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Actually, I am working in other characters... but I think for the text would be more interesting a light version... I'll post the characters of the Indea.

So, Christos... it's kindda hard to explain it... The Indea provides a financial aid (8.000,00) and work structure(an office). also working as a design bureau it indicates some customers for graphic and product design.
It's a quite good oportunity... specially for who is starting now, but for you must be Brasilian and indea will ve placed in Campina Grande, in Para

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God... how many post did I do?

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Sorry, a browser error made me do that tons of posts...

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I like the logo shape as well. My first instinct is to separate it from the Indea name... kind of the "Swoosh" with the Nike brand. Yeah, connect them, but don't feel compelled to make them into a single logo.

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Julio, the symbol, the color, and the custom type really look nice in this iteration.

Minor quibbles ...
it seems as if there is too much of a gap
between the elements.

And you might try the custom type for the
tagline on the bottom instead of the
Benguiat Gothic...


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How about this?


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A point-down one is best.
But the slogan font sill doesn't work for me. Maybe something plain and geometric, like Futura, in all-caps?


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I really like tthe symbol, especially when
it is pointing down.
It can be interpreted as a thought bubble
or a lightbulb, but it's covert enough not
to be clich

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Thank's Hrant...
So you think i should forget the four simbols logo?

Here is...
1- Futura 2- Humanst531
3- Euro 4- Bahaus

Sugestions of colors?

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> I'm surprised that Hrant is recommending "Fartura".

Yeah, me too.
I guess when in panic, use Futura.


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Humanst works good... I think... do you?

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Something's funny with the E and A in Indea to me. Too much spacing between the E and A? E leaning on D?


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I think "Humanist" (AKA Syntax) is actually not bad, but Eurostile to me seems best. Try Blair as well:

Well, I hope somebody who really knows his stuff will help you - my meager "expertise" is all used up here.


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Hey, I think DIN all-caps might be just right.
But that "d" is way too short.


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Hey Adriano, Portuguese would work...
Great alternatives...
I've already tought about alternatives alignments... I liked your suggestion, principaly the right one... But... I really enjoy the curve on the 'd' acendant...
Let me try a little... i'll post later...

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Browser error again...

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Opps.. Ignora o corte no d ( foi erro no photoshop) :P

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Hrant, Blair didn't go so well... Seems a little bit 'short' for me...
But... Din worked good... in both cases, small and all'caps... Obrigado Adriano...

*Got a little bit high on purple flower.

Andrew... I've realized that... It really seems loose... I'll fix it...

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This is a lovely mark--lots of possibilities! If you'll forgive my tinkering, something about the "e" in indea does make it lean to the left a litttle. I hacked together an illustration below to demonstrate a possibility.

Revised sample

This may homogenize it too much, perhaps the "d" should be left as it is. Anyway, take it for what it's worth.

I also see a sort of exclamation point in your shape, which is certainly appropriate. I'm lovin' it.

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Sorry Addison, but the corner is on purpose and it is in all of the characters...
In my opinion de great problem is in the space between 'e' and 'a'... let me see how i fixed it...

What do you think?

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Maybe just use a monocular "a"?


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I think that is better, Julio. It's not the 'a' that bothers me, Hrant (although it may not hurt to try it)--the 'e' seems like it's just about the fall to the left. Maybe it's just me...

Perhaps the sharper corner could be placed elsewhere on the 'e'? Like the bottom left curve or the top right curve?

Does the 'n' need to be a tad heavier? You should carry this through when you get a chance and make a complete font from this. I'm havin' fun just thinkin' about it...

Well, I don't want to be a nit-picker--it's working out nicely so far.

BTW, the corner definitely belongs on the 'd'. :-)


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Julio, the trick with double posts. When you get an error message, go back one page and go to topics you will see your name posted as the most recent post. It works believe me.

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well... the corner is there cause the base is too curve and the 'd' ascendent would make it seems like falling to right... the same happens to the 'e', but to left... to fix it, just made the botton tip a little bit longer, if you understand me...
I think it works good... my great doubt now is in the alignment...

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One other idea is to have the dot of the logo be the dot of the i.

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Why "Incubadora de Design" ? Doesn

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It does, but is 'Desenho Industrial'... Quite big... And it's more associated to product design.
Although, 'Design' is frequently used here for both areas, principaly for Graphic design.

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on closer examination I think 'e" would benefit from a larger counter. In earlier version it appears you flipped "a" to create "e" or vise-versa. The 'e" did appear to have a bit of an extended tail. Next to the very open "d" the "e" looks like it is a bit intimidated.

a bit rough comp-reworking without original vector files

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Thanks, Ole... it did work. Great solution.

I did some changes it became something like this

I think its good...

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grande Julius,

valeu pela experi

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I hate to barge in at this late hour, but this logo has great potential and I see some issues. The main problem is in the balance of the letters. Right now the i is stable, the n is stable (the curves look wobbly but it's hard to tell), the d is falling to the left, the e is falling to the left the a is relatively stable.

In my opinion it doesn't have to do with the location of the corners, but rather an instability in your master glyph shape from which all the others are derived. If you balance that shape, then your letters will be balanced. The following illustration highlights what I'm talking about.

Very nice work!

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Regarding the marque/icon itself, I don't think you should restrict yourself to one position or spot colour. The grayscale quad logo as well as the conjoined quad work nicely, as do the varying positions of the single in the green spot.

I'd find text that works well (as you're well on your way to doing) and keep an element of fluidity about the specifics of that marque.

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