Poster for client Pet Psychics Inc.

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I make poster design for client Pet Psychics Inc. I have nearly finished but I search for fonts and composition advice. I find the flow and feeling appropriate and the essential paws line signify end of poster. Have you an idea? I also find Psychic font appropriate but suggest other font please for all.

Thank you very much,


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Haha. yess.

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Can you make suggestion Clifton please?

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Are you trolling?

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What is trolling? I am new in this forum. I am looking for Design suggestions for my design.

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>Are you trolling?

I think that would be a yes.

I hate to break it to you, but your "client" is already using your design...

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I don't think I've ever had more chuckles off Typophiling in one day!

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Yes Simon, but we seek to improve this design. That is the purpose of my thread.

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"but we seek to improve this design"

Quit being a smug show-off. You know the poster is perfect and can't possibly be improved upon. Now you're just rubbing it in our noses.

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Thank you Darrel for many kind words, I feel a warm fuzzy feeling. unfortunately I am a perfectionist, i seek only the best.

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Why is everyone beating about the bush? The 'design' is awful. Sorry Guiyong if you thing I'm being rude, but honesty's the best policy.


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It's all about the mystery of Gui Yong at this point. A master of comedy or just an innocent, striving amateur?

I think he's got us all befuddled!

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Clearly Simon you are a fool who can not spell and who has little respect for others. You would have found with one simple click that my name is in fact Gui not "guiyong" which you have lazily copied from my username. Yes Simon I "thing" you are being rude calling my design awful. I would take your comments to heart but unfortunately for you Simon I discovered this skeleton in your closet. (WARNING terrible graphics may hurt your eyes) It appears that you were responsible for this abomination, you are credited with designing, editing, researching and providing photography no less!

This is an awful design my friend.

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ooh he got me there! I'm so hurt. If you ask for an opinion and get one, don't be surprised. Oh and by the way Gui Yong (is that ok? Have I spelt your name correctly this time?), your link points to a Simon Bramley - That's not me. I'm Simon T Bramley and I don't live in either Derby or Nottingham, so you too should get it right if you're gonna criticise. I'm also not 'your friend'. Now everybody, have I fallen into his trap and playing his game? If so, I'll stop right here.


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>Now everybody, have I fallen into his trap and playing his game? If so, I’ll stop right here.

The standard advice is “Don’t feed the Troll” – even when it’s fun. :-(

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uh...jazz...put on your sarcasm glasses and re-read the thread. ;o)

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Got it!


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The pawprints are a nice touch, Gui.
Those Catbats/Dingdogs fonts sure come in handy.

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Has anybody else actually read the flyer? Gad...I just keep on giggling over here. Too much. Regardless of whether or not Gui's for real, this flyer apparently is, according to the link in about the 5th post.

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Ms Exodus does appear to be a real live Canadian psychic/entertainer, and not the figment of an imaginary graphic designer's imaginary imagination.

As for the image the Internet Archive dates the page back to 2005, so it's been around a while. Not to say that things like this couldn't be created today.

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Does this lady do paw readings too? (sorry couldn't help myself)

I say scrap all the images and do a paw with lines going across it. Simple and to the point, regardless if this is a joke or not.

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I think it would be much better if you could condense all those points into a pie chart.

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Why did you use al those underlining? What is the purpose of it?
The same question for the bordersstyles used around the images.
And is there a concept?

There is so much going on, try to get some rest in it.

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One essential element you are forgetting is pet testimonials.

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The application of the bevel/fade on the images is inconsistent. The image of the proprietress needs one too.

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The photos need more vignetting...

(Hi Haley.)

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Why do psychics need to advertise?

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Haha! Doh!! by leaving a post am I indeed contributing to this now pointless thread?


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double post.

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This is all too much miscommunication and confusion for me.

Anybody know someone who can help clear it up?

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Koppa, spread something gooy on your head and relax, you will feel better soon and all things will become clear.

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Oh, yes. I see.

Much better.

Thank you.

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Sweet thread.

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Very entertaining :)

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Wow that was a good one!

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