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here is my personal logo for the EPIXS brand

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What does this represent? What brand I mean? It is very gothic. I like it, but wonder what it represents.

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looks like a modified E/3 to me Tiff.

and ... can you make it bigger?

Paul Ducco
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Reminds me of the Carrefour logo.

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it is not exactly a brand name (EPIXS) in fact it is more personal label than anything else - with this logo I will sign all my designs to certify they are my work...

Ratbaggy was right - it comes from negative of E/3 trimmed from a 45° rotated square:-)

Miguel Sousa - you are right - it reminds of that logo, but i think I can live with that:-)))


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Looks terrific!

My first association was "France", but I'm not entirely sure why that is. I think I've seen it in French crests etc. before. Seems to be like a national icon or something? And Carrefour is a French company after all. Funny coincidence...

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It's a fleur-de-lis and is a french emblem used on the quebec flag among many other places. Look it up on wikipedia for more info :)


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