freeware font editor now available

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I would like to announce the release of a light version of my Windows font
editor - Type 2.2.

Type light is a fully functional, freeware font editor, with a basic drawing toolbox.
It can edit, create and convert OpenType TrueType (.ttf) and OpenType PostScript (.otf) fonts.

Available for download here:

Allan Murray
CR8 Software Solutions

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Thanks with Flowers.

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Will there be a Mac version as well?

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cool, thanks!

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" Downloading ". Thank You.

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There will not be a Mac version Bobbybobo.

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This is interesting. Would love to hear what people think of it.

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Users of the Windows font editor Type 2.2, and free version Type light, now have a forum for discussion, suggestions, and promotion of fonts.

Visit here:

Not many posts yet, but hope that will change as there have been lots of downloads (especially of Type light). Would like to get more feedback.


Allan Murray
CR8 Software Solutions

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