Movie Poster Letters (Identification Game)

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Thought this might be fun!

Poster Letters ID

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It's gotta be Trajan… oh, hang on a minute, I don't hink I've quite understood what's supposed to be going here…

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Wait do I name the typefaces or movies hehe!

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These are called logo extraction puzzles, and the first one was the Retail Alphabet Game. For a while, there were lots of them at, but it looks like that site disappeared.

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yeah, name the movie :)

Iron Man, Shrek, Bug's Life, Saturday Night Fever, etc.

quite a few of the letters are custom drawn, btw.

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I got 28 out of 46.

#41 isn't fair. That could be anything.

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I only got 5 or 6... Some of them are easy to recognize because they are contemporary, some because they are custom. :-)

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