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xozza.swf (9 k)

I began designing Xozza 6 months ago. I wasn't
inspired by any existing face in particular, but i guess there must be some similar fonts out there. I saw a similar one at thirstype

This is my third digital type face, and i know it has some problems. But i like it very much and i have spent a lot of time in its design so i would like to finish it and get the best font i can. Any comments would be very much appreciated. i especially have doubts about numbers and some lc glyphs:k,i,j,t.

Thanks for any help or comments in advance.

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I've seen something very similar (not sure where), but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do your own thing.

BTW, one small piece of advice: the more you like something, the harder it is to be objective about its flaws. When this thing is a typeface -something *other* people must like- this becomes a big issue. On a practical level, this means that you might consider putting it aside for a few weeks, then taking a fresh look at it.


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I am on holiday until the 28th September. Thank you for your message Hrant. I will follow your advise and i hope i will be more objective about Xozza after two weeks with no computers, no mobiles, no linesandsplines, no typophile, no

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While some of the characters show some interesting promise (particularly D, K, a, b, and x). However, most of the characters are awkward, as if they're forced into that curved shape, (A, C, H, 7, etc.)

Perhaps there's some way to preserve what's interesting about that shape without forcing the other characters into unnatural configurations.

Good luck with it.


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New version (beta) of Xozza.

I would appreciate any critique to improve the final version.

Thanks in advance. Happy Cristmas!

Xozza beta version 1.0

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Sorry, i forgot this:

Go to The Xozza page to download this beta version and for more info.

Best regards.

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Lots of improvements... Still think your a is the bomb.


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anxo! muy bonito tio!

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